2015 IEEE Harbin Communications Society Chapter Annual Meeting

Contributed by Prof. Weixiao Meng, Chair of Harbin ComSoc Chapter


Harbin ComSoc Chapter held an annual meeting at Communication Research Center in Harbin Institute of Technology on Sep. 28, 2015. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Weixiao Meng, the Chair of Harbin ComSoc Chapter, with the main purpose to promote IEEE Communications Society to the faculty members and students.

Prof. Meng gave an opening speech with a brief introduction of Harbin ComSoc Chapter and an overview of the organization of IEEE. Prof. Meng also highlighted on the technical lectures of visiting scholars and some interesting self-designed LOGO and souvenirs. He also introduced the membership of IEEE and the flagship conferences sponsored by IEEE Communications Society to raise the awareness among the young students, who are keen in doing research and development.

Followed by the opening speech, Dr. Shuai Han, the secretary of Harbin ComSoc Chapter, gave a presentation on “Conference Paper versus Journal Paper”. This topic described the newly published statement of IEEE, which helps the students to have a better understanding on using the reference materials that was already published via other conference(s) as a reference for their journal paper submission. This topic has captured the interests of the students for preparing their research papers.

After the presentation, the participants celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is a traditional festival celebrated by the Chinese. Romantically speaking, the festival is to commemorate Chang E, who in order to protect her beloved husband’s elixir, ate it herself and flew to the moon. There are many other legends and stories related to this grand festival.
The Chapter organized some interesting activities during the celebration, such as guessing lantern riddles. Participants enjoyed sharing and eating the mooncakes and the meeting was ended with the sound of joy.


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