The 2014 Annual Meeting of IEEE Communications Society Harbin Chapter

At 2:00 pm on September 2 of 2014, the 2014 annual meeting of IEEE Communication Society Harbin Chapter was held at conference room #1011 of building 2A in Science Park of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). The meeting was presided over by the Chair of Harbin Chapter, Professor Weixiao Meng from School of Electronics and Information Engineering, HIT. Prof. Weixiao Meng introduced the composition and development of IEEE Communications Society Harbin Chapter as well as its work situation in the past three years, and noticed the activity plan in next year. During the conference, more than 40 attending members voted on the volunteer positions of chapter chair, vice chair and secretary, etc. Professor Weixiao Meng was elected as the chapter chair again, vice chairman was vacant, and Dr. Shuai Han, the teacher from School of Electronics and Information Engineering, HIT was elected as the secretary. The meeting also invited IEEE Fellow, international famous scholar, distinguished Professor, Hsiao-Hwa Chen as the conference honored guest. Prof. Chen gave a lecture for the conference. He explained the IEEE organization and operating principle, and the basic situation of IEEE ComSoc (IEEE Communications Society) as well as its meetings、journals and prizes, etc, and how to improve themselves in the ComSoc volunteer activities. Then attending members interacted with Prof. Chen through the form of question and answer. Finally, conference gave exquisite gifts with chapter logo to all attending members. The gifts were funded by ComSoc, designed and produced by Harbin Chapter.

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