HIT SEIE Summer Academic Activities I: Invited Talk by Prof. Xiaohu Ge

Title:Joint Optimization of Computation and Communication Power in Multi-user Massive MIMO Systems

Date and Time: 9:00AM, July 21, 2017





With the growing interest in the deployment of massive multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems and millimeter wave technology for fifth generation (5G) wireless systems, the computation power to the total power consumption ratio is expected to increase rapidly due to high data traffic processing at the baseband unit. Therefore in this paper, a joint optimization problem of computation and communication power is formulated for multi-user massive MIMO systems with partially-connected structures of radio frequency (RF) transmission systems. To optimize the energy efficiency of multi-user massive MIMO systems, an upper bound on energy efficiency is derived. Considering the constraints on partially-connected structures, a suboptimal solution consisting of baseband and RF precoding matrices is proposed to approach the upper bound on energy efficiency of multi-user massive MIMO systems. Furthermore, an oPtimized Hybrid precOding with computation and commuNication powEr (PHONE) algorithm is developed to realize the joint optimization of computation and communication power. Simulation results indicate that the proposed algorithm improves energy and cost efficiencies and the maximum power saving is achieved by 52.44% for multi-user massive MIMO systems with partially-connected structures.


Xiaohu Ge received the Ph.D. degree in communication and information engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Wuhan, China, in 2003. He is currently a Full Professor with the School of Electronic Information and Communications, HUST. He is an Adjunct Professor with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, The University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Sydney, N.S.W., Australia. He is the founding director of China International Joint Research Center of Green Communications and networking. He has authored more than 150 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings and has been granted about 15 patents in China. His research interests include mobile communications, traffic modeling in wireless networks, green communications, and interference modeling in wireless communications. He is leading several projects funded by NSFC, China MOST, and industries. He is taking part in several international joint projects, such as the EU FP7-PEOPLE-IRSES: project acronym WiNDOW (grant no. 318992) and project acronym CROWN (grant no. 610524). Dr. Ge is an IET Fellow. He has been actively involved in organizing more the ten international conferences since 2005. He served as the General Chair for the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Green Computing and Communications (IEEE GreenCom). He serves as an Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking.

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