IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter Members Reach the New Milestone

IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter Members Reach the New Milestone

In order to attract more talents and enhance the international influence, IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter organized a series of recruiting events facing to faculties and students of northeastern universities in China since 2018.

The core volunteers had made a lot of effort to promote IEEE and ComSoc. Chapter Chair, Prof. Weixiao Meng and Vice Chair, Dr. Shuai Han organized a publicity meeting where they described the history, development and current influence of the IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter. Faculty members also share the functions of IEEE ComSoc with their students and encourage them to start their professional careers with ComSoc student member. At the same time, Harbin Chapter also made full use of multimedia social networks. After contacting with professors who are focusing on information and communications engineering in northeastern universities, QQ and WeChat membership groups were established among universities and various organizations, mainly oriented to teachers, master and Ph.D students. In those groups, chapter issued the relevant notifications for the recruiting events and sent warm invitations to the potential teachers and students. In order to organize some activities afterward, Harbin Chapter raised funds to customize T-shirts for the new members and guests.

Due to meticulously preparation, many teachers and students responded positively. The number of active members in IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter has reached 121 by April, 2018. According to IEEE Current Grade Description, there are 1 associate member, 38 graduate student members, 51 members, 12 senior members, 17 student members and 2 affiliate. Among the 121 members, 64 of them are new members from last September, and more than 50% of new members are student or graduate student members.

Through data analysis, we can find that IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter membership is the absolute majority in Harbin Section. They mainly focus on computer sciences and information, engineering and technical communication.

Besides, the Harbin Chapter nominated Ms. Qian Chen, a Ph.D student member as the student chair, who plays an important bridge role between chapter and all kinds of students.

In the future, IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter will organize a series of lectures and academic activities for members in different areas to boost communication and cooperation. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all members, Harbin chapter will develop in a better way.